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Introduction of China SP Community

"China SP community" is the sharing platform established by China SP Practice Teaching Guidance Committee(CSPC) for national SP talent communication, learning, employment management and cultural activities which was officially launched on July 1, 2017.

CSPC is the only academic research institution focused on Simulated Patient(SP, also called standardized patient) in China, which gathered a number of top-ranking medical colleges and hospitals, academic organization, education institution and related expert teams at home and aboard taking part in the research of courses, academic development, personnel training, examination certification and so on. China SP Community also become the only public platform of SP talents communication and management.

China SP Community consists of national SP talents, absorbing a certain amount of SP trainers as the expert consultants. On the platform, the SP teaching modes are better popularized; the SP experience are shared widely and an unique industry culture to SP personnel is created which promote effective communication, learning, construction and development of teaching base, and increase the academic authority of CSPC. Meanwhile it improves the Talent management system of national SP personnel , expands the training field, and integrates with the international SP management platform.

In order to help the national SP talents to acquire skills training and job placement, the "China SP Community" is free to absorb all the domestic SP talents. The "China SP Community" medical education alliance has been launched at the same time which mainly absorbs the group of national medical colleges and medical institutions to participate in the alliance work and build the national SP talent pool. China SP Community served in the field of medical care in the early stage; it will also serve the training fields of non-medical education, enterprise communities and so on.

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